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Django Web Studio is maintaining this inspection platform for the world-wide engineering firm Arcadis. The iOS iPad app is used by inspectors in the field, backed by a RESTful web service. Staff can administer the platform using the backoffice web application.

Arcadis is a large engineering enterprise with world-wide reach. One of the many activities of this company is the facilitation of the assessment of building conditions. Its primary customers for this activity are governmental organisations seeking to enforce laws regarding building construction quality and adherence to environmental laws.

As the title of the platform suggests, Arcadis provides an inspections tool for such clients according to private requirements and/or building regulations, both during the construction phase and when in use, and with provisions for adding findings, and means to escalate to 2nd and 3rd tier inspectors.

The Survey Platform is a combination of a backend API written in Django, communicating with an iOS application for iPad, and a midoffice web application. The combination caters for two distinct groups of users: the first, inspectors of building permits for which the iPad is a reporting tool, the second, for project managers tasked with tracking the activities of the inspectors and the progress of the building permit projects.

Django Web Studio was asked to take over changes and support. We did a number of major features, including most screens for the midoffice but also a number of important enhancements to the backend API.

At the moment we are doing Tier 3 support. In addition to this, we are discussing and implementing enhancements and new features.

More than 200 users in some 40 organisations are using the platform, and have created more than 6000 projects.

We implemented the following techniques for this project:

  • Django: Django is an advanced web application framework, written in Python. Django incorporates a great number of features, enabling developers to develop websites and web applications very quickly and efficiently. We save our clients time and money by getting up to speed quickly using Django.
  • CMS: A Content Management System (or CMS) is the part of a website that enables content managers to edit their sites' content. On of the many marvellous features of Django is that a basic CMS is part of every project. We can then easliy and quickly customise the basic CMS for our clients' needs.
  • API: API is quite a general term defining how a piece of code may communicate with another. In our context, these pieces of code are on different parts of the internet, enabling communication of data between remote internet locations. Think Google Maps API, web services.
  • jQuery: jQuery is one javascript libraries that started the Web2.0 revolution around 2005, and to date, one of the most popular. We wouldn't know what to do without it (we would then probably need to write it). jQuery enables consistent cross-browser user experience with far less effort and expense, including AJAX support.
  • MongoDB: MongoDB is a really fast key/value database, used in many enterprise level applications.
  • Reportlab: ReportLab is a Python Library for generating PDF's. We have used it extensively in our projects. We can produce a pixel-perfect PDF from any data.
  • Webservice: A web service is a method of communicating data over the internet, where flexibility and security are vital. We can implement a myriad of web services, but more importantly, thanks to the brilliant Python Libraries, we can also build complete web services from the ground up.
  • Bootstrap: Django Web Studio uses the interface framework Bootstrap to be able to build responsive web interfaces quickly and efficiently. Note the word "responsive". Modern websites are equally usable on a smartphone, tablet and desktop, laptop and notebook.
  • iOS: iOS is the Operating System that underlies all iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. We do development and maintenance .

Client: Arcadis

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