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Some time ago we were asked to help TravelBird build out their message automation. From this arose a custom REST API driven CRM platform which functions as an intermediary between TravelBird sales data, TravelBird's marketing platforms and their Message Service Providers.

On top of the CRM we built a message hub application, enabling our client to track communications with their clients through multiple media: email, text messages, push messages and more.

This platform is helping TravelBird deliver personalised messages in a way that far exceeds including some key personal details such as name.

We implemented the following techniques for this project:

  • Django: Django is an advanced web application framework, written in Python. Django incorporates a great number of features, enabling developers to develop websites and web applications very quickly and efficiently. We save our clients time and money by getting up to speed quickly using Django.
  • API: API is quite a general term defining how a piece of code may communicate with another. In our context, these pieces of code are on different parts of the internet, enabling communication of data between remote internet locations. Think Google Maps API, web services.
  • Webservice: A web service is a method of communicating data over the internet, where flexibility and security are vital. We can implement a myriad of web services, but more importantly, thanks to the brilliant Python Libraries, we can also build complete web services from the ground up.
  • ElasticSearch: ElasticSearch is a powerful indexer and search engine based on Apache Solr. We use ElasticSearch where the requirement is to search the website as one would search in Google.
  • Python: Python is our programming language of choice. What makes Python hugely different from languages like Java, C++, and .NET, is that it is much more flexible and concise, allowing programmers to get much more work done on our clients' projects. On top of that, we use the Django Framework, which delivers our clients even more development speed.

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