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TravelBird is a very active startup in the travel branch with worldwide ambitions. We have been heavily involved in TravelBird almost from their launching, working with them in every aspect of their business.

To name a few of the many features we have added and changes made

- Complete rewrite of the original codebase
- Payment
- Generating PDFs
- Redeeming vouchers
- Complete multisite: multiple multi-lingual domains and partially seperate content from one codebase and one database
- Referral system for managing TravelBird's own affiliate network.

We implemented the following techniques for this project:

  • Django: Django is an advanced web application framework, written in Python. Django incorporates a great number of features, enabling developers to develop websites and web applications very quickly and efficiently. We save our clients time and money by getting up to speed quickly using Django.
  • CMS: A Content Management System (or CMS) is the part of a website that enables content managers to edit their sites' content. On of the many marvellous features of Django is that a basic CMS is part of every project. We can then easliy and quickly customise the basic CMS for our clients' needs.
  • CSS: CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a technique to enable the styling of web pages in an efficient manner. The main advantage is that changes in style do not necessitate a change in the actual page. For our clients this means that we can implement design changes quickly and cleanly.
  • MySQL: MySQL is a very popular open source database, most often associated with LAMP. But we go one better with MySQL and Django. Django has exhaustive support for MySQL, as for a number of other database backends.
  • Affiliate marketing: This is a form of marketing where companies reward their partners (their affiliates) for sales or leads. Most often, the partner has enrolled in an affiliate network, but this does not always need be the case. On the marketing side, we can do complete affiliate campaigns for our clients, including all artwork. On the tech side, we can incorporate features into our clients' site, for example to enable them to track individual partners outside of the affiliate network. See
  • Git: Git is our preferred way of managing software projects. It enables us to work on our clients' projects as a team, which is of course essential for larger projects or when speed is an absolute requirement.
  • Python: Python is our programming language of choice. What makes Python hugely different from languages like Java, C++, and .NET, is that it is much more flexible and concise, allowing programmers to get much more work done on our clients' projects. On top of that, we use the Django Framework, which delivers our clients even more development speed.

Client: Arcadis

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